10 Rules for Dynamic Participation

how do you get people really engaged in a process? we’ve developed a technique called dynamic participation – guaranteed to get people talking and acting. Click here for the rules.

The Obtuse Art of Strategy

We are regularly invited to assist organisations in the generation of strategic plans. The generation of a document or report is very often seen as the “end product” of a process and in some cases the plan itself then needs to be “sold” to the organisation. Increasingly we find management teams wanting to approach this task in a more creative way.  Click here to read.

Roles and Responsibilities in a not for profit

Managing the relationship between a chief executive and board of directors in a non-profit can be challenging. This paper summarises the roles and responsibilities of each. Click here to read.

Costing and Pricing Your Work

Many artists and creative practitioners are unclear as to how to cost and price their work – many make the mistake of under pricing. This paper is a guide to the science and art of costing and pricing. Click here to read.