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creative strategies for business


Interactions designs creative strategies to:

  • Build capacity within organisations to deal with difficult people and challenging behaviour
  • Increase individual and organisational productivity and creativity
  • Construct strategic planning processes that are owned, acted upon and implemented
  • Review and evaluate services and products
  • Assist ‘stuck’ organisations move forward
  • Manage the human element of corporate change processes

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Managing the relationship between a board of directors and CEO of a charitable organisation can be challenging at the best of times. In my experience difficulties arise when both parties are clear about their individual roles are but are unclear about the overlap and relationship between their role and that of the other. Common questions I hear are: How does an agenda get constructed for a board meeting? and who has responsibility for this? Who is responsible for making sure ... [read more]

Crafts Council of Ireland Seminar in Kilkenny

I spent today in Kilkenny where I was a speaker at the Craft Council of Ireland’s one day seminar on Best Practice in Commissioning and the Corporate Gift Market. The speakers included Cornelia McCarthy (Crafts Council of Ireland), Rachel Joynt (Sculptor), Tim O’Neill (Calligrapher), Lorraine O’Rahilly (Researcher), Angela Rolfe (Assistant Principal Architect at the Office of Public Works) and Gerry Crosbie (Designyard). I managed to get the graveyard shift at the very end of the morning and just before lunch. ... [read more]

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