emotion as systemic

What happens when you have 80 people in a confined space over 8 days? Emotions start running high, that’s what. And in some cases – […]

consensus as control?

We’ve spent about 4 hours talking about chairs. Moving them, not moving them, what they “symbolise”, who’s not sitting in one, who is sitting in […]

lost in translation

There are over 80 participants at this conference, complemented by a team of ten “staff”. All are drawn from the four corners of the earth. […]

group relating

There is a certain irony in arriving at a conference that is ostensibly about transform-action on a day when the French have decided to stage […]

Group Relations in Paris

Tomorrow morning I head for Paris where I’m participating in my first Group Relations Conference. It’s not a traditional conference where papers are presented, workshops […]

“Yes, but what exactly is it you do?”

If I’ve been asked that question once, I’ve been asked it a hundred times in the last few years. In an age of the “sound […]

The Tyranny of Satisfaction

I was invited to contribute a blog post to this fascinating series on Surviving Work over on the LSE Business Review.  I wrote a short piece on what I term the ‘tyranny of satisfaction’.  It’s everywhere…’good enough’ is no longer good enough.  Expectations always exceed capacity to deliver and instead of querying why this is we marinade in disappointment, shame and blame.  If you’re interested in reading more here’s the link to the piece.