On being ordinary

I was at a very interesting lecture by Constance Deveraux in UCD recently during which the issue of ‘excellence’ (as it related to the arts) […]

Becoming Freud

I recently finished reading Adam Phillips’ new book Becoming Freud.  It’s ostensibly a ‘biography’ of Freud but Phillips begins by referencing Freud’s ambivalence about the whole […]

The Tyranny of Satisfaction

I was invited to contribute a blog post to this fascinating series on Surviving Work over on the LSE Business Review.  I wrote a short piece on what I term the ‘tyranny of satisfaction’.  It’s everywhere…’good enough’ is no longer good enough.  Expectations always exceed capacity to deliver and instead of querying why this is we marinade in disappointment, shame and blame.  If you’re interested in reading more here’s the link to the piece.