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Cinema 2.0: Me, Myself and iPod – what now for the arts?

I attended a Tribeca Talks panel discussion this week on Cinema 2.0: Me, Myself and iPod ā€“ essentially a discussion on the impact of social media on the production of art (notably cinema and literature). The line up of panellists included Jonathan Lethem (Author) Brent Weinstein (Head of the Digital Media Dept. at United Talent Agency) Jerry Paffendorf (Futurist with The Electric Sheep Company and his blog is here) Charles Leadbeater (a leading authority on innovation and creativity, ex Financial Times and ... [read more]

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The power of interpretation

I'm taking the opportunity here in New York to catch up with some colleagues who practice in a similar way to myself (not a lot of us back in Ireland!). Over lunch this week I had a fascinating conversation with one colleague about how consultants (particularly those of us who are psychodynamically inclined) participate in listserves. The impulse if you're a psychodynamic consultant is to wonder about the question or dilemma rather than answer a question. Very ... [read more]

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No comment – this is a blog

Yesterday I attended a workshop on blogging and podcasting organised by Theatre Forum and presented by Susan Hallam. I was there with a couple of hats on ā€“ for a start I was the only blogger in the room and as you know, Iā€™m an advocate of blogging for the arts sector. I have written before about the minimal activity in this area for this sector in Ireland but I was really there for selfish reasons to learn a ... [read more]

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How to be smart without thinking

I am reading Creative Management and Development (edited by Jane Henry) right now and loved this quote from Guy Claxton's paper Beyond Cleverness: How to be smart without thinking (p. 47): There is a stupid rumour going around that intelligence is essentially rational, and that hard problems are invariably best tackled as explicitly, clearly, logically and articulately as possible. It's not true...logical clarity is one form of intelligence, but to assume that it is always the best, and the more ... [read more]

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Carnival of Emotion at Work

Welcome to the April 2, 2007 edition of emotion at work. I am publishing the submissions that directly relate to emotion at work - many more were received but had very little to do with the topic in question - so check out these posts and enjoy the contribution these bloggers are making to the issue of emotion at work. Neal presents Brain Fitness: Shift Happens posted at SharpBrains, saying, "How a Head Coach can help us navigate through difficult ... [read more]

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Organisational Interventionists

Over at Disorganizational Behaviour Travis has an interesting post about interventions: One of my favorite shows on TV is called "Intervention" on A&E, which is about the struggles of people dealing with addiction. On the show, families stage interventions with the addicted member of the family in order to get them to seek help and change their ways. One of the principles that is encouraged is not only that the person is willing to change and get help, the family needs ... [read more]

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Emotion at Work Carnival

Welcome to the March 19, 2007 edition of emotion at work. (The first edition in fact) and thanks to everyone who submitted a post. I'm fascinated to see what a topic like "emotion at work" has evoked - there are really interesting and different approaches to the topic here that echo much of the management discourse around emotion as something that needs to be valued in its own right (my own view) or controlled in the ... [read more]

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Blog Carnival on Emotion and Business

I'd like to host Blog Carnival on Emotion at work. If you'd like to contribute an article then click on the Carnival Submission Form before Friday 16th March 2007 - publication will take place on Monday 19 March 2007.

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Blog Carnival of Management Tips

The latest edition of the Blog Carnival of Management tips (to which I've contributed this post) is over at Mabel and Harry - there are some great posts and I'm realising what a great idea carnivals are for gathering like minded bloggers around communities of interest. Carnivals are where someone takes the time to find really good blog posts on a given topic, and then puts all those posts together in a blog post called a "carnival". There are Carnivals for ... [read more]

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Achieving your potential

Mayo County Enterprise Board are holding an event on Achieving Your Potential to mark International Womens' Day on 8 March. The location for the event is Pontoon Bridge Hotel. I'll be one of three keynote speakers and the focus of my presentation will be on the emotional factors that help (and sometimes hinder) our ability to achieve our potential. The other two speakers are Darina Loakman, who runs I am a WHAM who will talk about: Achieving Your Potential: Working From ... [read more]

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