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What business can learn from the arts

ARTISTS routinely deride businesspeople as money-obsessed bores. Or worse. Every time Hollywood depicts an industry, it depicts a conspiracy of knaves. Think of “Wall Street” (which damned finance), “The Constant Gardener” (drug firms), “Super Size Me” (fast food), “The Social Network” (Facebook) or “The Player” (Hollywood itself). Artistic critiques of business are sometimes precise and well-targeted, as in Lucy Prebble’s play “Enron”. But often they are not, as those who endured Michael Moore’s “Capitalism: A Love Story” can attest. Many businesspeople, ... [read more]

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Newsletter sorted (at last!)

We've been sending out blank newsletters this week and that's not a good thing.  The learning curve has been steep with the new newsletter service but I'm glad to say that the kind folks (Christy and Nate in particular) at  Mailchimp have helped us sort out the absence of content and from now on (fingers crossed) our newsletters will be brimming with goodies.  Abject apologies to those of you who have been annoyed by the empty spaces.

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It’s not helpful to be helpful

One of the lessons I learnt from working as a therapist is that it isn't always helpful to be helpful. It's a lesson I have taken into other areas of my work life also. And before you say "Huh?" let me explain. When a client demands my attention - be that a reasonable or an unreasonable demand I have to ask myself the question - who's pressure is this? and "what is the request contained in the demand?" ... [read more]

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Newsletter service re-commences next week

We've just started to use Mailchimp to manage our newsletter - many of you are already receiving updates via our Twitter account but for those of you not using Twitter the newsletter re-commences next Wednesday.  Let me apologise in advance if there are any glitches while we're doing the final tweaking on the service :).

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The difference between listening and hearing

I don’t believe in tricks when it comes to facilitating and consulting. At the end of the day it’s me and my client(s) in a room trying to figure something out together. Yes, I have a toolkit, but it’s pretty bare in terms of stuff I can take out and wave around…I don’t do “off the shelf” solutions and I’m rarely in a position to talk with any degree of freedom about previous work, primarily because so much ... [read more]

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Improvising Business

Over on Presentation Zen there’s a fantastic piece entitled “Jazz and the art of connecting”. If ever there was (another) argument for the value of an arts education, this is it. “Jazz is inspiring to me; it's lessons can be applied to other aspects of life” There are quotes from 11 great Jazz musicians that can be applied, in a heartbeat, to any area of life, even (and most particularly) business. Can you apply any of these to your business? ... [read more]

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New Library added to the site

I've just created a Library page on the site that includes PDF copies of papers that I hope will be useful to clients and readers. You can reach the library via the link in the sidebar or from the main page of the website. Enjoy!

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What's a Blog got to do with it?

I was invited to contribute some thoughts on the value of social media to Poetry Ireland's bi-monthly newsletter Poetry Ireland News. The paper is also available here as a pdf download. I will be running a workshop on this area for arts/cultural organisations in June - stay posted for details. There are 71 million blogs and a new Blog is created every half second. 499, 760 of those blogs (at the time of writing) mention or refer to ... [read more]

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Side Effects

Psychoanalyst Adam Phillips was interviewed by Paul Holdengräber at the New York Public Library last week. I am an admirer of Phillips' work and he has just published a new book entitled Side Effects. (Also a title of a book written by Psychoanalysis’ greatest patient, Woody Allen). Phillips’ contention (and one I agree with) is that therapy works by attending to side effects – the stuff we are not paying attention to while we’re trying ... [read more]

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In the Sunday Business Post

Interactions was featured in the Sunday Business Post's "So you want to be a blogger" on 6th May. It was good to contribute to a piece about the value of blogging for business in Ireland and to be in the company of my blogging colleagues Sinéad Gleeson, Ice Cream Ireland and Beaut.ie.

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