The Tyranny of Satisfaction

I was invited to contribute a blog post to this fascinating series on Surviving Work over on the LSE Business Review.  I wrote a short […]

Creativity is a problem

…however much an organization officially celebrates out-of-box thinking, people are going to associate leadership and creativity the way they associate fish and bicycles. So being […]

The art of listening

I heard the two men talking about a third old man who had recently died. One of them said, “I was visiting him at his […]

Periphery and Centre

I’m looking forward to hosting the European Regional Meeting of the ISPSO at the Irish Writers Centre in Dublin this week.  We will have 40 […]

Dare to disagree?

I keep returning to Margaret Heffernan’s TED talk on constructive and creative conflict.  Her invitation (one with which I agree) is to consider conflict a […]

The real price of perks at work

The second part of my conversation with Charlie Taylor at the Irish Times focussed on perks at work.  Are free sandwiches, gym membership etc enough […]

radio silence

Apologies for the radio silence the past few months.  I put blogging on hold while I completed my doctoral thesis.  My PhD was awarded  at the end of May after a really engaging and interesting viva voce (defense).  The title of my thesis was ‘the organization of disappointment’ and my research concerned the creative potential of disappointment in organisations.  So often, disappointment is lumped under the heading of ‘negative emotion’; relegated to the sidelines as unhelpful or destructive and located within ‘troublesome’ or ‘under-performing’ individuals.  I suggest that this is only part of the story and disappointment can be understood as a useful and productive insight into how fantasy is sustained and managed in organisations.  Re-imagining disappointment as loss (of expectations fantasy and what we thought the world ‘should’ be, allows for a more realistic view of the future:  one that is different and potentially  realizable.  Over the coming months I will begin to post some of the findings from my research with a view to developing workshops for organisations and leaders about how this sadly neglected emotion can be uncovered for the gem it really is.

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  1. Dear Annette

    Congratulations. Lovely idea for a thesis, and one that I agree with.


  2. Thanks Jeremy – very nice to hear from you!

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