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Newsletter sorted (at last!)

We’ve been sending out blank newsletters this week and that’s not a good thing.  The learning curve has been steep with the new newsletter service but I’m glad to say that the kind folks (Christy and Nate in particular) at  Mailchimp have helped us sort out the absence of content and from now on (fingers crossed) our newsletters will be brimming with goodies.  Abject apologies to those of you who have been annoyed by the empty spaces.

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2 Responses to “Newsletter sorted (at last!)”

  1. sarah Finlay says:

    glad to see it wasn’t my technological incompetence Annette, which i presumed it was.
    look forward to getting more fulsome missives …

    all best

  2. Annette Clancy says:

    Sorry again Sarah – hopefully all the glitches are worked out now and we can get back to regular mailings!

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