The Tyranny of Satisfaction

I was invited to contribute a blog post to this fascinating series on Surviving Work over on the LSE Business Review.  I wrote a short […]

Creativity is a problem

…however much an organization officially celebrates out-of-box thinking, people are going to associate leadership and creativity the way they associate fish and bicycles. So being […]

The art of listening

I heard the two men talking about a third old man who had recently died. One of them said, “I was visiting him at his […]

Periphery and Centre

I’m looking forward to hosting the European Regional Meeting of the ISPSO at the Irish Writers Centre in Dublin this week.  We will have 40 […]

Dare to disagree?

I keep returning to Margaret Heffernan’s TED talk on constructive and creative conflict.  Her invitation (one with which I agree) is to consider conflict a […]

The real price of perks at work

The second part of my conversation with Charlie Taylor at the Irish Times focussed on perks at work.  Are free sandwiches, gym membership etc enough […]

If you’re miserable at work, let it out

Well perhaps not quite..but that’s the title of an interview with me in the Australian Financial Review.  Fiona Smith and I talked about emotion at work and how rigidly enforced rules contribute to what’s acceptable and not express emotionally in organisations. The interview was conducted in advance of my trip to Australia in June where I will be running some seminars on this topic.

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  1. Natasha

    How can you book into your senimar in australia??

  2. Annette Clancy

    Hi Natasha -we’re scheduled to run a workshop in Melbourne at the Melbourne knowledge management leadership forum on Wednesday 15th June ( on the area of emotion at work. We will also be in Sydney from 27th June for a week and are finalising a seminar there also (I will email you directly about this).

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