The performance review

I was interviewed by Charlie Taylor from the Irish Times about the dreaded performance review.  Following the news that Accenture is dropping the process there’s […]

The Creativity Post

I’m really enjoying working my way through the archives of The Creativity Post.  Dedicated to sharing information on creativity (across all platforms including arts, culture, philosophy, […]



It’s always nice to get positive feedback.  A bottle of champagne is terrific…perhaps a card or two? But what about when a student tells you […]

Crafting questions that matter

Financial Times journalist Jo Ellison in an article entitled Fear and Clothing reviews two books which argue the case for why clothes and fashion matter. […]


The Internet is what you make of it, obviously. And there are aspiring writers who use digital technology to read and research and seek the […]

Adam Phillips on pleasure, frustration and ambivalence

Another short Adam Phillips’ interview – this time from Thinkingaloud (A wonderful resource).  In this, Phillips discusses pleasure and frustration and the demand that we be happy in our lives.  It used to be ‘be good’ and then’be happy’…and now the project is managing ambivalence.



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