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creative strategies for business

Organisations can be messy, creative, joyous, problematic places. We understand how they really work and our expertise is in understanding and unpacking problems and coming up with practical and pragmatic solutions.

We work with organisations across all sectors and of all sizes. The dilemmas we have helped our clients resolve range from the major (such as organisational change) to the more discrete (interpersonal conflict).  We bring our experience in organisational behaviour, creativity and clarity and match that with practical and sustainable solutions.


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Silicon Valley’s culture of failure

Most startups fail. However many entrepreneurs still overestimate the chances of success – and the cost of failure. This interesting piece front the Guardian focusses on the current reification of ‘failure’ (as it relates to start-ups).  The myth of ‘failure’ remains alluring in certain circles, as though you have earned the right to succeed only if [...]

US student is rescued from giant vagina sculpture in Germany

From the Guardian: I can see this being used as a teaching tool on psychoanalytic training courses for years and years!    

The psychology of your future self

A TED talk from Dan Gilbert on the Psychology of your Future Self

On being ordinary

I was at a very interesting lecture by Constance Deveraux in UCD recently during which the issue of ‘excellence’ (as it related to the arts) was raised. Achieving excellence has become a mainstream indicator of success and, a primary criterion by which the arts are valued and funded. One person commented that the argument for [...]

Becoming Freud

I recently finished reading Adam Phillips’ new book Becoming Freud.  It’s ostensibly a ‘biography’ of Freud but Phillips begins by referencing Freud’s ambivalence about the whole idea of biography; he was sceptical and distrusting of the idea of biography even though he went on to become a wonderful biographer himself!  Phillips weaves back and forth between Freud’s [...]

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