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creative strategies for business

Organisations can be messy, creative, joyous, problematic places. We understand how they really work and our expertise is in understanding and unpacking problems and coming up with practical and pragmatic solutions.

We work with organisations across all sectors and of all sizes. The dilemmas we have helped our clients resolve range from the major (such as organisational change) to the more discrete (interpersonal conflict).  We bring our experience in organisational behaviour, creativity and clarity and match that with practical and sustainable solutions.


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It’s always nice to get positive feedback.  A bottle of champagne is terrific…perhaps a card or two? But what about when a student tells you that you have successfully dismantled his entire understanding of people management in a two hour class on Managing Change  Well that’s delicious feedback.  Why? Because the class in question was [...]

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work/life balance vs work/life integration

This  New York Times article from 2012 highlights the way work/life balance has been organised and, how that dividing line is shifting.  It used to be ‘work/life balance’ and now, it’s ‘work/life integration’.  More and more companies it seems are offering perks to help workers manage home life from the perspective that a happier home and [...]

What’s wrong with the political interview (and how to fix it)

Newsnight editor Ian Katz outlines what he believes is wrong about the TV political interview in this Financial Times article.  In summary what’s wrong is that the interview has become a dance between defensive politicians and aggressive interviewers – each frustrated by the others’ attempts to prevent a discussion about what is really going on. [...]

Crafting questions that matter

Financial Times journalist Jo Ellison in an article entitled Fear and Clothing reviews two books which argue the case for why clothes and fashion matter.  Women in Clothes by Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits and Leanne Shapton began with a survey of over 600 people about their relationship with clothes.  Worn Stories by Emily Spivack describes the emotional connections we have with various [...]

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